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Our Versatile Hair oil is an absolute game changer and our community can attest to that. We always look forward to receiving feedback about your experience using our products, so don't forget to leave a review please!


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30 day money-back guarantee

  • Jess Nottellin

    "In my photo, you can see a bunch of short baby hairs that have started growing so that is promising. I really like the scent of this hair oil. It smells quite lovely but not overpowering like some products are. The texture of the oil is good as well and spreads easily on my scalp. It washed out of my hair very easily using shampoo. Overall, I am satisfied with this product and would recommend it to other people looking to try something new."

  • Kylie Louise

    "A simply amazing product. A little goes a long way in controlling frizz and flyaways. The above pics with short hair is the Arshicare oil pre styling and nothing else apart from my straightener. Will I be buying this product again? Absolutely!!! It’s great price and quality also makes it a no-brainer for gifts too."

  • Colleen Zweck

    "I really enjoyed using this product, thank you so very much. The packaging was attractive, sleek and easy to use. The scent was delicious. It absorbed easily into my hair without making it oily or greasy or weighing it down. My hair felt light and soft after use."

  • Deva

    “I love using this product to style my hair everyday! It is light and blends into my hair leaving a nice shine. It also really helps by hydrating and soothing my itchy and dry scalp."

  • Artee

    "Because I colour my hair alot, my hair is very weak and brittle. I massage my scalp and use this oil as an over night treatment. Then wash my hair the next day and notice how soft it makes it."

  • Nandita

    "Arshi really helped with my hair loss and healing my scalp. I apply the hair oil throughout the week and massage my scalp regularly. I love the shine and subtle scent it adds to my hair. Highly recommend using this oil."

  • Anju

    "It has been 2 months since I have been using this Versatile Hair Oil and I must say, the shine and glow on my curls is remarkable. My hair is so much healthier! Ps. I love how peaceful the scent is."

  • Paige

    "I'm literally obsessed with it! Every time I wash my hair after using it, my hair feels so silky, smooth and so nice!"

  • Huzi

    "I've noticed my face stays hydrated and it helped reduce the patchiness, making my beard super Full!"

  • Sharmila

    "I have really dry, short and frizzy hair. Arshi helps my hair feel smooth and look healthier. I have been using it for just under 3 weeks and it is already part of my hair care routine."

  • Roopa

    "I used to struggle with hair loss and thinning hair. I started using this oil as a scalp massage to try and regrow my hair in my empty hair patches and it worked!"

  • Yajnah

    "Oiling my hair with Arshi before each hair wash has reduced my hair loss so much. It gives my hair more volume, making my hair look fuller and shinier too!"

  • Sid

    "Great product, I saw results within 3 weeks. Arshi solved a long-standing dandruff issue and enhanced the thickness of my hair. 10/10 would recommend!"

  • Clarisa

    "If you're a postpartum mum like me and experiencing so much hair loss - This hair oil is EVERYTHING! It helped me grow back my hair into this luscious state. I am literally obsessed!"

  • Sristi

    "I sometimes use it as an overnight treatment oil. Because this oil is formulated with 11 natural ingredients, it makes my hair strong and healthy."

  • Jesse

    "Oiling my hair with Arshi before each hair wash has reduced my hair loss so much. It gives my hair more volume, making my hair look fuller and shinier too!"

  • Erin

    "Perfect for split ends or dry hair, if you're looking for something to help improve the health of your hair, I highly recommend you giving this a go!"

  • Navya

    "My hair has been so dry lately and the only thing that has saved it is the Arshi hair oil! I just take a couple drops and massage it into my hair. It makes a huge difference!"

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